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Art and communication

Posted by  admin —March 18, 2009
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I was really drawn into this story … the use of high speed video and rapidly created art and words works for me. Creative productions like these by the crowd are, as fellow blogger Marty Maher would say … “Like Gold!”

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Notes for BRWMG Presentation

Posted by  admin —February 13, 2009
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I was honored to present a whole bunch of stuff to a group of people in Anglesea the other day. I focused on Clay Shirky’s crowdsourcing, Ken Robinson’s creativity, Seth’s Tribes and a range of online tools. Here’s a direct link to the mindmap I used to plan the session. When you visit Mind42, you will be able to click on the links which take you to various videos, presentations and information. BRWMG Presentation by Geoff Brown – 2009 Mind42 is like a wiki, but in mindmap form. Cheers Geoff

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Wordle Rocks!

Posted by  admin —January 27, 2009
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No need to describe this online tool with words … pictures will do nicely. I’ll be using this tomorrow at a workshop I am facilitating. The question will be … words that describe what you love about the Natural Envronment. Thanks to the guys at Wordle! Check out my 1st go – Words of a parent with boys who will not sleep Cheers Geoff – hat tip to Viv McWaters

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Mankind is no Island – 2008 NY Tropfest Winner

Posted by  admin —January 20, 2009
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Here is a great video shot entirely on a cell phone in the streets of Sydney and New York. It’s simplicity makes me want to create something in the same vein. Another great example of of the power of words, music and visual images to stir emotions and provoke self reflection. Hat Tip to Viv McWaters for showing me this! Cheers Geoff

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Training – Insanely Great Slidehshow Presentations

Posted by  admin —January 8, 2009
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This one-day training will equip you to create Insanely Great Slideshow Presentations. As a facilitator of workshops, I see more presentations than most – and many can be easily improved. After all, it’s all about communicating your message to the audience. This training is hands-on and uses your own real-life example – a slideshow that you have prepared already or one you have to give soon. We will help you unearth your core messages and prepare slides that support those messages. Delivered by Viv McWaters and Geoff Brown, experienced facilitators and presenters, you will learn about the effect on the …

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