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The ol’ baby-in-the-box trick

Posted by  admin —May 8, 2008
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So here’s the scene … it’s getting dark @5pm … you are at a campsite that is a patch of dirt crawling with bugs. Your older boys (5 & 3 yrs) are hungry and cranky and you are busily preparing dinner over a dim torchlight. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE BABY? Your baby doesn’t have the world’s best sitting balance and is intrigued by the creepy crawlies when you put him on the ground to rest your aching back!  So, here’s a solution that is simple … but no simpler (as Einstein would say) … A box … Some …

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Favourite “Byron” Photo Series

Posted by  admin —May 4, 2008
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In Byron Bay, there is much to do. Heading out for a morning run and taking photos of things that catch my eye is one thing I’ll be doing regularly … and will be the one thing that I write about here over the next 3 weeks.  Today’s 2 photos feature as Aussie-icon … the Surf Life Saver. Surf Life Saving is an Australian tradition. For generations, our surf clubs from east to west have enjoyed massive volunteer support. Like all volunteer-based movements, resources are often hard to find. “Resourcefulness” is a common trait in movements that live-on. In Byron …

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May in Byron Bay

Posted by  admin —May 2, 2008
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This fully loaded car is what I’ve been driving for the better part of 2 days. We are now within striking distance (about 4 hours) from Byron Bay. Staying tonight at a 70’s style motel named the “Peter Allen”! I know what you’re thinking!  I’ll write the occasional “creative” post whilst I’m away so stay tuned for some entertaining photos … in between playing dad, surfing, eating great food and sleeping our tent. Cheers Geoff 

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From Little Things … BIG things grow

Posted by  admin —April 19, 2008
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I just watched a channel 10 news story on the Rudd Labour government 2020 Summit. 1000 people have been invited to have a 2 day conversation on 10 key policy areas (NOTE: all areas are ‘complex’ like climate change). Great initiative AND government should be doing more of this stuff! Apparently, each of the 10 groups need to present 1 BIG IDEA by the end of tomorrow. That 1 big idea-thing AND the complex nature of each group topic made me think … “I hope they consider implementing lots of the little ideas too!” Why … ** I listened to this podcast with Johnnie Moore, …

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More about Improv and Yes!And

Posted by  admin —April 17, 2008
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Ok … so I’ve borrowed a principle from Improvisational Theatre to name my blog and apply to life. Here’s a short selection blog posts that capture what Yes!And and other Improv principles are all about:  My own story about Improv in action – posted by Viv McWaters Want to join an Improv Network? – Read Johnnie Moore’s comment here Improvised Facilitation … what is it? – another posted by Viv! Improv and Small Business Yet Another Yes!And insight from Viv. Geoff      

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