The ol’ baby-in-the-box trick

Posted by  admin —May 8, 2008
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So here’s the scene … it’s getting dark @5pm … you are at a campsite that is a patch of dirt crawling with bugs. Your older boys (5 & 3 yrs) are hungry and cranky and you are busily preparing dinner over a dim torchlight. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE BABY?

Your baby doesn’t have the world’s best sitting balance and is intrigued by the creepy crawlies when you put him on the ground to rest your aching back! 

So, here’s a solution that is simple … but no simpler (as Einstein would say) …

A box …

Some padding and baby stuff …

Then the baby …

He has been happy ever since!


ps. It has been 20 to 25 degrees every day in Byron Bay and the surf is pumping 🙂


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