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I didn’t even get to see this young guy!

Posted by  GeoffBrown —March 20, 2012
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Here is another example of the type of extraordinary talent we had at the Aireys Inlet Open Mic Music Festival. This is what happens when you open stages to anyone who want to show up and play – that’s how this festival works … it’s an Open Mic. This young man’s name is Jamie Pye and he had the Aireys Foodstore in the palm of his hand for his 30 minute gig. I can hear some Micheal Hedges and touch of Leo Kottke in this one. Enjoy!  

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Celebration of Dad’s life

Posted by  GeoffBrown —January 11, 2012
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Yesterday, family and friends gathered at the Barwon Heads Resort to celebrate the life of my dad – Grahame Brown. Their were people from all walks of life. Some were their to support family members and other’s were there to grieve their own loss of a wonderful friend, father, teacher, brother, uncle and husband. We all learned something new about Dad’s life. We all took another step in the grieving process … it was a beautiful day and dad would have been lost for words. I wrote this song 4 years ago, soon after dad was diagnosed with liver cancer. …

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Grahame Harold Brown

Posted by  GeoffBrown —January 9, 2012
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Tomorrow is my dad’s “Celebration of Life” – a gathering of family and friends to remember the life of Grahame Brown. Love you Dad …

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Gone SUP’ing

Posted by  GeoffBrown —December 24, 2011
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Our town had it’s annual Christmas Party last night and it was apparent there are 2 types of people. For 1 group of people, Christmas and the summer holidays means work … and lots of it! For the other group it’s the opposite … time off and a chance to unwind and hang out with family and friends. I belong to the latter group. So, I’ll be shutting my little office between now and January 9. If you do want too get a message to me, best to email me – Have a relaxing Christmas … hug your friends …

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The Status Games we all play

Posted by  GeoffBrown —September 11, 2011
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Here’s a little post I wrote when away on a remote island in Fiji recently … Last night I witnessed a classic example of how ‘status’ can get in the way of daily interactions we have each other. The Set Up Whilst sitting at a table eating dinner and noticed a tall western man (let’s call him Andrew) and a Fijian resort worker (let’s call him Tevita) almost collide with each other at a doorway that they were both walking toward – they were both blindsided. The Initial Reaction As witness, I nearly dropped my fork as they almost collided …

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