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Noticing the Nature of things

Posted by  GeoffBrown —January 17, 2011
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It has not been hard to focus on nature so far in 2011. The floods across Eastern Australia, Brazil and Sri Lanka. The record snow falls in North America and across the UK and Europe. Whilst we are experiencing a La Nina cycle which historically brings more rain to Eastern Australia, at a global level we are witnessing unprecedented changes in weather patterns. Globally, 2010 was the equal hottest year on record and the wettest year. One of my favourite news sites is and they tell stories through images – of Australian floods here. Images are one way to …

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The day after Open Space

Posted by  GeoffBrown —November 22, 2010
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If you have my previous posts, you will be aware that I spent time working with the folks from Australia’s contemporary Circus and Physical Theatre sector. The event was called the Flashpoint Forum and was hosted by the sector’s peak body ACAPTA. When the 2 days of Open Space was over on the Friday, everyone (26 plus a few others) came back together on Saturday. I’ll admit to feeling nervous about this day. I was asking myself questions like … “why don’t we simply continue Open Space for another day?”. Here’s a story the group created, performed and recorded in just …

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Making your message Stick and Slip

Posted by  admin —October 11, 2010
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I am currently researching and creating a Slideshow for a client on the topic of ‘Obesity’ – the same thing that Jamie Oliver rants about here and the same things that Nicholas Christakis discusses here at TED (which is a great video as her asserts the notion that Obesity is contagious and spreads through social networks!). As an aside … as I bookmark ‘obesity-related’ websites on Delicious here, I am again thinking about how much has changed since I was researching topics at Uni 20 years ago! The most graphic things I have come across (so far) are 2 videos …

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The Girl Effect is back

Posted by  admin —September 29, 2010
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The Girl Effect video released a couple of years ago was a stunning example of story telling and blended statistics with music, visual images and text. Watching it is an emotional experience … just the kind of emotion needed to connect with the story and facts. The latest Girl Effect video again sets the scene … Paints a picture of the Dilemma … and then points to a Resolution.

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Coast Care Conversations and Stories

Posted by  admin —September 28, 2010
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On a sunny winter’s day at the end of August, around 50 people gathered for conversations at the Fairhaven Surf Life Saving Club. People from community groups and government agencies who are passionate about our coastal environment spent the day sharing stories and their ideas for the future. I was privileged to help the Coast Action – Coast Care team at DSE design and facilitate the event. Matt, the state manager of the program, does a great job at nailing the purpose of the forum. The Harvest My friend and colleague Chris Corrigan has re shaped my approach to the …

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