A Whole Minded Performance Story Report

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A report that I proudly co-authored is now available! It tells a story about a project called Castlemaine 500 (which I also helped to orchestrate) … it’s successes, failures and the lessons learned. It is also an example of how an evaluation report can come alive with design, cartoons and stories!

The Castlemaine 500 Performance Story Report was recently launched. You can watch interviews with participating households here. The best summary of the project is contained in the report though!

If you want a hard copy of the report booklet email me. If you want to download it click here.



  1. Col Freeman says:

    I would really like a hard copy of the Castlemaine 500 Performance Story Report. (had a problem downloading it)

    Adress is:
    Col Freeman
    Environmental Strategy
    Rockdale City Council
    PO Box 21
    NSW 2216

  2. Maxx46 says:

    It has pedagogical purpose to enable students to think critically about the issue of evaluation and rubrics, and therefore to think critically about their own submissions. ,

  3. Jon Graftdyk says:

    I would like a copy of the Castlemaine 500 Performance Story Report. Your link appears not to to be working.

    Jon Graftdyk
    Reef Catchments
    PO Box 815
    Mackay QLD

  4. I would like to receive a copy of the report as the link downloads with unreadable text.

    PO Box 406
    Bacchus Marsh 3340

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