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When you lead … criticism follows

Posted by  GeoffBrown —February 7, 2013
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Being an active contributor in a small community is a fascinating subject! You could write a book about it!! Over the past 12 months I’ve dived into the Parent Committee at our local primary school (aka Parent Club) and taken a co-lead role with 3 mums. As with much of my working life, I find myself the only man actively involved in the community building space. Last year our new committee found our feet, tightened up some policies and, like in previous years, took the lead on some important initiatives and fund raising activities. The co-leadership idea that I pushed …

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A thriving network to which I belong

Last week, a small event was staged. About 60 or 70 folks from around the World gathered in Melbourne for the Thriving in Uncertainty Conference. This was a true collaboration between Melbourne Playback Theatre & Viv McWaters. I was a witness to the co-creation of this event and was largely on the sidelines … watching others do all the hard work … contributing where I could … taking it all in and learning. And here’s a photo of me watching Viv and Sherridan (Melb Playback) do the work at the HUB Melbourne … This small event is part of a much …

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Posted by  GeoffBrown —May 20, 2012
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As the World Indigenous Housing Conference fast approaches, I have been reflecting on what housing means in my own context. For me and my family, home is our sanctuary. It’s a place of safety and a retreat from the world around us. It’s a place of rest and recharge. A space where we can craft and express our own culture and passions. At home, we host others and share food, tell stories and dream about the future. Our home is connected in community. Our relationships with other families allow us to thrive and respond to unexpected events. When individual families …

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Community – Belonging & Ownership

Posted by  GeoffBrown —April 13, 2012
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“Years ago a well known islander gave me the advice about living here that, if I’m in it for the long haul, I would need to develop a practice of witnessing. In the ten+ years I have lived here a lot has changed and I’m finally beginning to realize what that role of witness means.” Chris Corrigan This is my home. I’m inspired every day by the estuary, by the beach and the cliffs … surrounded by the Southern Ocean and, to the north and west, by the Otway National Park. Our community is a series of villages stretching along …

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A truly extraordinary moment of community & music

Posted by  GeoffBrown —March 19, 2012
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Please watch the full 3 minute video below … you will be moved, as we’re the 1000 people watching! Once Sam get’s singing it really takes off! But first, let me set the scene with a story about Community … It’s the Monday morning after the 5th annual Aireys Open Mic Music Festival and our community has celebrated another magical festival – with the tag line “It’s All About The Music”. This festival attracts thousands of music lovers, but it’s not the numbers that’s important … the vibe and sense of community it supports is amazing. This time last year, …

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