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Posted by  GeoffBrown —April 13, 2012
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“Years ago a well known islander gave me the advice about living here that, if I’m in it for the long haul, I would need to develop a practice of witnessing. In the ten+ years I have lived here a lot has changed and I’m finally beginning to realize what that role of witness means.” Chris Corrigan

This is my home. I’m inspired every day by the estuary, by the beach and the cliffs … surrounded by the Southern Ocean and, to the north and west, by the Otway National Park. Our community is a series of villages stretching along this unique coastline – Aireys Inlet, Fairhaven, Moggs Creek and Eastern View.

I was inspired to write something here by Chris Corrigan’s post, Witnessing. Since my dad passed last December, I’ve become somewhat of a hermit to this place I call home. I’ve lived here for 12 years and I’m noticing things I’ve never seen before.

My focus on home (family and local community) has grown from a deepening sense that I belong here … that I contribute and co-own this place. I run a music festival here, steward the Parent Group at the local school and show-up to support the great work that others do. Like Chris’ home of Bowen Island, a lot has changed here in the past 10 years. In these past few months, with all my time at home, I’m getting a deeper sense of this place and the people who belong.

After a very slow start to 2012, next month my work starts in earnest. I’ll be busy and will have many days away from home. A much anticipated fortnight away in Canada follows in June, I’ll be working alongside Chris and living on Bowen Island … who better than to show me around!

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