A truly extraordinary moment of community & music

Posted by  GeoffBrown —March 19, 2012
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Please watch the full 3 minute video below … you will be moved, as we’re the 1000 people watching! Once Sam get’s singing it really takes off!

But first, let me set the scene with a story about Community …

It’s the Monday morning after the 5th annual Aireys Open Mic Music Festival and our community has celebrated another magical festival – with the tag line “It’s All About The Music”.

This festival attracts thousands of music lovers, but it’s not the numbers that’s important … the vibe and sense of community it supports is amazing. This time last year, the Aireys Inlet Pub closed it’s doors. Our festival was on shaky ground – with it’s infrastructure and facilities we couldn’t host this many people. Everyone wondered what Marty Maher (the idea man who dreamt up this event and runs 90% of it) would do in response. As it turned out, Marty let others respond and save the festival.

Then one day, a local consortium banded together, pooled their resources and skills and bought the pub. For most in our community, it felt like the whole town had taken ownership of it’s iconic hotel. Our festival, our main meeting place, part of our history and soul was reclaimed.

Then in October last year co-publican, Tim Wood (who features in the video below) orchestrated one of the most remarkable building projects I have witnessed. Over a frantic 10 week period, he brought together scores of local tradies to completely rebuild the inside of the pub and give the shell a transformational facelift. Our community was excited, but skeptical that they could even get close to a pre Christmas opening!

We were wrong, the pub had it’s local opening night in mid December. Not everything was done, but they had rebuilt and staffed a large kitchen, rebuilt 70% of the inside, transformed the exterior and jumped countless of licensing and red tape hurdles imaginable. Opening night was abuzz with excitement and pride. This was ‘our place’.

Since Christmas, Tim and co. have continued the rebuild. The back-room is now a full band room with a capacity to seat over 250 for dinner and many more without tables and chairs. Their is a vision to make this room an iconic live music venue on the coast … I have no doubt it will be realized.

This year’s Open Mic Music Festival was (again) a huge success and staged 180 acts on 9 stages across our town – with 20 separate acts in the back room on Friday and Saturday nights. To get a feel for what it looked like you can see pics at our Facebook page and our Twitter stream

In past year’s, our mystery guest acts have been the big highlight. They have included Colin Hay and band, Dan Sultan and this year’s mystery was none other than Tim Rogers. All were generous and performed brilliantly. This year Tim managed to captivate everyone with his whimsical charm, lyrics and unique voice.


Inspired by the Gotye cover featured here on You Tube (by band Walk off the Earth), Tim Wood’s youngest son (Sam), inspired dad and older brother (Luke) to work out their own version … then perform it at our festival.

All 3 boys are humble, gracious, superbly talented and are motivated by 1 thing … an absolute love of music, family and community. The feeling in the Main Stage Marquee was joyous. Everyone was smiling (some moved to tears), beaming, shining and uplifted by a performance that drew everyone together in a single breath.

Thanks to Paul Barry who posted this recording to You Tube today!

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