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Posted by  GeoffBrown —August 17, 2011
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In exactly 6 days we are taking a family holiday. 3 weeks in Fiji will be bliss and we also get to hang out with our neighbors – who are volunteering in Fiji for 5 months.

In exactly 6 days, I will also be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of my right-knee surgery! After 12 months of rehab, exercise and many moments of grief … I’ve just had my first whole month without any episodes of pain or swelling!

I have also taken my first, tentative steps back to the karate dojo. There are certain kicks and spins that I no longer risk and my days of full contact Kumate are behind me. Whilst in rehab, I didn’t realize how much I missed the physical practice and mindful dimension of martial arts. Karate training is my weekly reboot.

Our Shihan (dojo leader) reminds us to focus … really focus and let go of distractions and fleeting thoughts that come and go. In my first session with him 2 years ago, I remember something he said something like …

“For some people, Karate training is completely addictive. It is a space where all the week’s troubles and to-do lists tale a back seat. These 2 hours are precious and it’s up to you to get the most from it.”

“Shihan, you are so right!” Karate is my weekly reboot. My wife’s is Yoga. What’s the one thing you make the space and time for … always? What’s the discipline that brings your mind, body and spirit together?



  1. Viv McWaters says:

    Nice post Geoff, and glad you’re getting back into karate. My reboot is 40 minutes aerobic exercise every other day. Or a spot of rock balancing at the beach. And if I lived near mountains, it would be skiing. Viv

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