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Posted by  admin —January 31, 2009
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Here’s some links that I found useful over the past week …

Russ Schoen Says YesAnd! leads to a new product idea – try saying ‘yes’ for a day and resist that urge of blocking offers that other make … amazing results as a parent when you ‘let-go’ of your own plans and ‘go with’ the offers that our kids make

After a Sype call with Dave Pollard (about letting-go and complexity), he sent me this video link that demonstrates the art of Impro … in a musical sense

Jeff Howe (Wired) on “user generated” content and crowdsourcing – really interesting stuff … the rise of Wikipedia-like tools is the new thing and I like this quote:

“A large group of diverse individuals will come up with better and more robust forecasts and make more intelligent decisions than even the most skilled decision maker” James Sourowiecki. The Wisdom of Crowds.

Jeff’s technical definition of “Crowdsourcing” is this …

“When a company takes a job that was once performed by employees and outsources it to a large, UNDEFINED (crucial word) group of people through the form of an OPEN CALL. Or more simply … when you need something done you turn to the potential 1.3 billion people globally with an internet connection and say ‘Can you do this?’. and that in a nutshell is Crowdsourcing.”

Here’s 4 more online, visual communication tools I am playing with at the moment …

1. Prezi

This tool really excites me as a presentation medium!

2. Sliderocket

A little slick for me at the minute but looks a great way to create online presentations.

3. Slideshare meets YouTube

Embedding video with slideshows is a capability I have been longing for for ages!

4. Wordle

This little tool is just awesome .. the applications of this are limitless! Here’s another example I used as a slide before a video for a sustainability project evaluation:

And finally, a great post from friend and fellow surfer/music lover/Aireys resident *Marty Maher*. This links nicely back to my ‘letting-go’ post. Marty writes …

“The ride itself is amazing as Parsons actually gets tubed on this 64ft monster, you think the wave has claimed him and he comes out of the whitewater. On the same day he had taken a massive wipeout on an earlier wave and came back to take this wave.”

YouTube link.



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