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Posted by  admin —May 23, 2008
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I have had 3 phone calls since returning from Byron Bay … all have been about blogs and websites. What’s the difference? When do I need a blog … when is a website the best option?  Allow me to introduce Lee & Sachi LeFever from Commoncraft. They are in the business of “explaination” … they use video and paper to make complex ideas easy to understand. Grab a coffee and a few minutes and watch these videos. Enjoy! Blogs in Plain English by Commoncraft Ok … now you know what a Blog is. If you are going to use a blog for your project, festival or business then you also need to know about RSS. What the …?! RSS in Plain English by Commoncraft Right! Blogs and RSS are out of the way! All this new stuff is known as Web 2.0 … the social networking part of the web that is growing faster than anything before it. From my read on it, Web 2.0 is the way we will all be doing business within 5 years. Email is dying and Social Networks are thriving. Social Networking in Plain English by Commoncraft If you have been bothered to read this far … read Lee’s latest blog post before making any big decisions about using blogs, rss and social networks. I hope this post has been useful for you! Geoff

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