One song … one take … one cab.

Posted by  admin —April 28, 2008
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Discovered this great Black Cab Session site by accident when searching for a Taxi Service phone number.

I have watched only 2 sessions (incl. the Kooks) and will watch more. For me, here’s what appeals:

  • Like much of the stuff on YouTube its rough and often the first take
  • The musicians are having a go and for the one’s I’ve seen are happy to make some mistakes along the way
  • It is kind of like being a front seat passenger with musos doing their thing behind you
  • It’s unexpected … most of the artists are complete unknowns … like Seth Godin points out, the #1 rated dvd movie every week is a new release. I also feel refreshed when I see a movie with a cast of unknowns
  • The concept is Simple and the tagline is a great example of a compact & core concept …




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