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Hi there and welcome to my Yes!AndSpace.

In this blog we can explore stuff that workssolutions rather than problems, in areas that excite me such as sustainability, facilitation, creativity and working with people.

To answer the “Why create this blog” question, here is my compact Yes!AndSpace story.


**BTW Guy Kawasaki’s Forward in the great book Presentation Zen inspired my story and the use of Slideshare.

I live in Aireys Inlet, a wee coastal town in Victoria, Australia. I have a beautiful wife and 3 boys aged between 7 months and 5 years. My childhood dreams included becoming a professional tennis player and a sports-physio. Instead, I accepted an offer to Occupational Therapy and took up music soon after … the best 2 decisions I ever made! I am passionate about sustainability and my gift is working with people. In working for myself, I am immersed in both of these and the purpose of this blog closely linked.

Let’s explore what works and find solutions together!



  1. Viv McWaters says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere Geoff – very much looking forward to reading your blog

  2. Andrew Rixon says:

    Heya Geoff,

    Nice blog.. Looking good!

    Also loved your x,y and z pic. Must be the mathematician in me. Or something. 🙂

    Warm regards,

  3. Carla Rogers says:

    Your blog looks great Geoff. I am following your suggestion to contact you via the blog – not sure where to leave comment though. Sorry 🙂 Had a great Skype chat with Viv today. We have 2 dates for our online session as possibilities and a title. As soon as I hear back from you I will get registration live – was hoping to do this by next Tuesday. I will email you also, let me know if I should be leaving comments here also. Trust that you have had nice reflections on our journeys last week. Oh and Chris Hogan and I had a hoot of a Murphys Law session this week.

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