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What goes around comes around

Posted by  admin —April 17, 2009
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My last blog post *Seth’s Hierarchy of Presentations* has created heaps of ‘movement’ across many of my social spaces including Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare and this Blog. One comment from The Best of Fundraising Blog lead me to their previous post titled ‘Why I’m Smiling & Moving’. As fate has it, this post is all about giving and receiving … if you put stuff out there for people to use, they build on it and you get something back. There’s a lot of love out there in the online, social world (despite what we hear about the negative web-based predatory stuff …

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Building Blocks and Creativity

Posted by  admin —March 19, 2009
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I’m on a roll! My last few posts have been inspired by my reading and reflections on Impro. Like any parent, I want my kids to thrive, be passionate and happy. I’d also like my kids to learn to improvise … or maybe slow down the un-learning process that happens as kids start to fear failure, judgement and criticism. I was playing with my eldest son last weekend … we were building structures with shapes. I noticed that Griff wasn’t happy with the end result. We were building structures slowly and we were ‘judging’ the building process with each move. …

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The Art of Invitation

Posted by  admin —March 2, 2009
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Thanks to Chris Corrigan for highlighting this 2 minute video by David Gershon talking about what it takes to take change to scale. Chris comments on this video and leaves us all with an important question to consider … “As an artful act of invitation, this is briliant.  How many of us outside the movie industry consider making trailers to gatherings?  Putting audio and video to work in this way is a fantastic way to get the message out, introduce people to ideas that will be bandied around at your gathering, and it becomes a great way to have people …

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Mankind is no Island – 2008 NY Tropfest Winner

Posted by  admin —January 20, 2009
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Here is a great video shot entirely on a cell phone in the streets of Sydney and New York. It’s simplicity makes me want to create something in the same vein. Another great example of of the power of words, music and visual images to stir emotions and provoke self reflection. Hat Tip to Viv McWaters for showing me this! Cheers Geoff

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The Girl Effect

Posted by  admin —December 9, 2008
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Hat Tip to Garr Reynolds for this one … The Girl Effect website is all about a ‘movement’ on the rise. It starts with the premise that adolescent girls living in the developing world, if given the chance to participate in their own community, can make a difference … collectively (that’s many millions!) they can change the course of humanity. They have developed this wonderfully simple video to communicate their message. Best to watch it at their website here. Here’s the embedded version … Ok, so what? Here’s some questions that sprang to my mind … What if we used …

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