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My 1 photo per day project

Posted by  admin —July 7, 2009
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Web enabled phones with cameras and video are becoming ubiquitous and these technologies are driving new behaviours in the way we share information and collaborate with each other. So, armed with my new iPhone 3Gs, I have started My One-Photo-per-Day-Project over at my Posterous Blog. Like my YesAndSpace blog, these photos will tell a story and be my visual journal. Part of my business is to present stuff, so many of these photos will show up in Slideshows that I design. It’s a resource that I and you can use … just take note of my Creative Commons license on …

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Green Cow Solutions

Posted by  admin —October 7, 2008
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In the spirit of Improv and Complex change, I have started doing lots and lots of little things to help ‘enable change’ and ‘spark conversations’ about living sustainably at home. The first of these is Green Cow Solutions! A good chunk of my work is in the design and facilitation of projects that bring together people to learn from each other about tackling climate change and living sustainably. These projects have become more about community strengthening and resilience than about the ‘sustainability’ outcomes that flow from action (eg. insulating ceiling space) … I am very comfortable with that too! So …

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