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Facilitating and Contribution

Posted by  admin —July 24, 2008
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I had the pleasure of working with a large group of nearly 100 people today. I really enjoy the energy that a group this large can create. This image represents my facilitation role today. In between a score of guest speakers, I allowed the participants a voice … more than the usual Q&A’s … they had a chance to contribute their own thinking. For this, they thanked me. Once you accept that the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ (at any conference) is greater than the ‘handful of keynote experts’, facilitating whole-group contribution is simply a matter of common sense. Aka ‘Unconferencing‘. …

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WinkiPodcast explores Facilitation with Anne Pattillo

Posted by  admin —July 20, 2008
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Viv and I had a face-face conversation last week with Anne Pattillo. This chat about ‘Facilitation’ was recorded and published here at our WinkiPodcast Blog.  Anne points to the core of Facilitation and this image sums it up. Enjoy listening.   Geoff

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Podcasting the Unexpected

Posted by  admin —July 7, 2008
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Matt Moore had a chat with Viv and I over Skype last week. We chose to explore the theme of ‘The Unexpected’. Here is the result … Matt Moore, Viv McWaters & Me explore the unexpected! I really liked Matt’s metaphor ‘Beyond the Event Horizon‘ to highlight what happens (or fails to happen) after the event, workshop or whatever. The transition from workshop back to the real world is a dimension to my facilitation that I pay far more attention to now. Thanks to Matt for these Show Notes: 00:00 – Introduction – Sick kids, adrenalin junkies & improvisation. 05:00 …

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Shining a light on Assumptions

Posted by  admin —June 16, 2008
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As facilitators, we know how powerful a group discussion on ‘assumptions’ can be. In my experience, it helps groups/people to understand each other’s perspectives … and move through Sam Kaner’s “Groan Zone”. I like to shine a light on assumptions with an activity that is both fun and active. I use ‘Activity IX’ when groups begin to struggle … fall asleep … or when it simply ‘feels right’ to throw out there. By the way, it always works and the subsequent group discussion is entirely unpredictable … so ‘let go’ of where you think it might end up. Here it is … Activity IX …

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