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How stuff spreads

Posted by  GeoffBrown —December 11, 2009
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My wife came home from her day at work in Colac (Victoria) yesterday. Ingrid was inspired by 2 stories she heard. Colac is a semi rural town with many authentic, elderly locals who have done (and still doing) extraordinary things. One of the stories relates to a visit to the local fruit shop and this punnet of berries … The story behind the berries … A elderly man in Colac lost his wife of many years a while back. He is wheelchair bound and his family has been trying to admit him into an aged care facility (probably out of …

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The Art of Invitation

Posted by  admin —March 2, 2009
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Thanks to Chris Corrigan for highlighting this 2 minute video by David Gershon talking about what it takes to take change to scale. Chris comments on this video and leaves us all with an important question to consider … “As an artful act of invitation, this is briliant.  How many of us outside the movie industry consider making trailers to gatherings?  Putting audio and video to work in this way is a fantastic way to get the message out, introduce people to ideas that will be bandied around at your gathering, and it becomes a great way to have people …

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Dim Dim to the rescue

Posted by  admin —August 13, 2008
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I have been looking for a way to collaborate with clients and colleagues over broadband so that audio, visual and document sharing is simple. Thanks to Dave Snowden … found a solution! Dim dim actually works. It is simple and effective. Web 2.0 applications like this one are even part of the climate change solution in terms of people needing to ‘always’ be in the same office. and like all great things on Web 2.0, it applies Open Source principles so it’s free. “Dimdim is a free web conferencing service where you can share your desktop, show slides, collaborate, chat, …

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