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Space Invaders, Holding Space and Improvisation

Posted by  admin —April 28, 2008
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Today is Sunday and I was involved in a community engagement event with a government department and a community adjoining a newly announced National Park. The draft plan was the focus and topic and conversation. Learning #1 – The surf was pumping … the surf is always going-off when I accept weekend jobs! Note to self … say no to weekend work in future 🙂 I was involved in 3 of these Community Engagement events which were wonderfully orchestrated by Carla Rogers using her version of the Open House (aka iForum) event. I was in the wonderful position of being …

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More about Improv and Yes!And

Posted by  admin —April 17, 2008
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Ok … so I’ve borrowed a principle from Improvisational Theatre to name my blog and apply to life. Here’s a short selection blog posts that capture what Yes!And and other Improv principles are all about:  My own story about Improv in action – posted by Viv McWaters Want to join an Improv Network? – Read Johnnie Moore’s comment here Improvised Facilitation … what is it? – another posted by Viv! Improv and Small Business Yet Another Yes!And insight from Viv. Geoff      

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In compiling Yes!And Thinkers

Posted by  admin —April 7, 2008
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Something just struck me as I compiled a list of Yes!And Thinkers to my blog. Collectively these bloggers, from all parts of the globe, have shaped my current thinking and are the reason why my Amazon budget has tripled this year! Dave Pollard’s post Dave Pursues His Passion helped me to find the purpose of this blog. “What’s Needed” in a complex world where change is random … where links between cause and effect are unpredictable? I think we need to pay more attention to stuff that works. Most of my clients are too busy to notice these things. The “random acts …

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