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The social spread of SUP’ing

Posted by  GeoffBrown —February 22, 2012
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Stand Up Paddle boards (aka SUP) are growing in popularity and I am a self confessed enthusiast. I’d love to see the growth numbers of this past time … it must be staggering. What is abundantly clear is the social nature of their spread and uptake. We got into SUP’ing because friends introduced us … actually they spruiked it like salespeople and we caught on 18 months ago. We now have 3 boards in our quiver and get out in the surf and river at the least 3 times a week. Ingrid (my wife) & Griffin (eldest son) SUP’ing over …

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Posted by  GeoffBrown —February 7, 2012
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I am the proud owner of a set of cards that will go with me everywhere … I have already used them (today) and can think of at least 3 more group gatherings where they may be useful. The cards are called Group Works – A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings & Other Gatherings. – the Group Pattern Langauge Project even have a Facebook Page here. Friends and colleagues Chris Corrigan and Dave Pollard have written about the cards at their respective blogs here (Chris) and here (Dave) – read these post to a feel for what they …

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A blog theme for 2012

Posted by  GeoffBrown —February 3, 2012
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Physically, a shared goal with my wife is to surf and paddle the SUP as much as we can this year. Stand Up Paddle boarding, with ageing bods like ours, seems to build amazing core strength and work the cardiovascular system at the same time. Photo credit Lately I’ve noticed how clearly I see things after being in/on the water. So, after a paddle in the surf or on the river I’m making a public commitment (and a new blog category) to write about anything that comes to mind. Geoff

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Gone SUP’ing

Posted by  GeoffBrown —December 24, 2011
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Our town had it’s annual Christmas Party last night and it was apparent there are 2 types of people. For 1 group of people, Christmas and the summer holidays means work … and lots of it! For the other group it’s the opposite … time off and a chance to unwind and hang out with family and friends. I belong to the latter group. So, I’ll be shutting my little office between now and January 9. If you do want too get a message to me, best to email me – Have a relaxing Christmas … hug your friends …

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StandUp Paddle Boarding

Posted by  GeoffBrown —October 31, 2011
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This post was inspired by a close encounter I had with a 6 foot Bronze Whaler – a shark of the limb removal genre! My wife and I went out for a surf on the SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) at [insert secret location] in Anglesea Victoria. I have been in the water my whole life and never seen one … until today. As you would expect, we both headed back to shore. But not before taking in the breath taking majesty of the this creature. It was only a couple of glimpses (the dorsal fin 1 second … and …

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