The ‘lighter’ side of ‘yes’

Posted by  GeoffBrown —February 2, 2012
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Last week I worked with a small team of people working within a rather large organisation. During the afternoon session, I introduced them to Improv Theatre – we played a little and explored how they might apply Improv Principles to the way they work. I also used the totally brilliant Improv cards that Viv McWaters has produced – read about a few of the principles here at Viv’s blog.

I started the workshop by inviting participants to share something about the New Year … more specifically, sharing any thoughts they had on new year goals, resolutions, themes – BIG-do’s, little Do’s, achievements, changes, start-ups and even things to bury-with-honour. As they were talking, it got me thinking about my hopes for 2012. Two words came to mind … “Light” and “Yes”.

The word ‘enlightened’ used to scare me a little … until a Buddhist friend of mind pointed out the word “light” in the middle of it. In his teachings, the light-heartedness part of being Buddhist is fundamental.

The ‘Yes‘ is not about agreement. It’s about listening to others more and being open to their ideas and opinions. “Yes” is also about not saying “No” so much of the time – particularly to my kids when they ask me something! It comes directly from the improv principle of Accepting Offers – Yes!And.

So these 2 little words have become questions that I will attempt to hold in 2012. These questions may change but I have them in places I can refer to and reflect on.

The ‘light’ question(s) … “How can I live a little ‘lighter’ in 2012?”. “Where could a more smiling demeanour and softer approach show up this year?”. “What would it look and feel like to bring a lighter side of myself to even the most serious of conversations and issues?”.

The ‘yes’ question(s) … “What adventures would come my way if I said yes more often?”. “How can I remind myself of Yes!And, particulalry when my initial reaction is No!?”. “If I make a habit of saying ‘Yes’, I wonder what effect that has on those around me?”.

If I manage to take even a few steps toward the ‘lighter side of yes’, I think I’ll be happier … as will those who surround me.

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