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Posted by  GeoffBrown —August 30, 2011
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Recently I did some work with my good friend Chris Corrigan. Chris is working with one of his clients to explore deeply the concept of ‘Welcome’ and what it means for their daily work practices and the principles that guide the way they work.

Here in Fiji they have a word for hello which extends to a full welcome when said in the true Fijian way … “Bula!”

Bula is said by the welcomer with eye contact and a smile. It is spoken with a resonate “B” that comes from deep inside. It makes the Welcomee feel part of something … in this case part of an Island community.

“Bula” is a contagious word and is part of the universal language of the island. Guests say hello and welcome new visitors with a similar spirit to that of the Fijians who call this island home.

Such a big impact for a single word.

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