Word Cloud of Ideas

Posted by  admin —November 2, 2010
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As I re-design a 5 day community leadership program, a whole bunch of little statements and slogans ended up on my mind-map – some are just ideas and others are borrowed from others. See the Wordle-Cloud below.

A few things I know about this program …

  • Improv games and principles will feature prominently – play, then sense and apply
  • Participants will learn (very early on) to take the lead on hosting conversations and create inviting questions
  • Everyone will be connected online and conversations will happen between the weekly gatherings
  • Past participants will connect with new – the conditions for a community of leaders will be created
  • Mindset and worldviews will shift
  • From the conversations … relationships will form and some participants will leave working together
  • The focus will be on possibility … and not problems

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