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Posted by  GeoffBrown —November 14, 2010
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Here are some other games we played as a group on Day 1 of Open Space at the ACAPTA Flashpoint Forum in Sydney. The games were run by Dan Aubin, Artistc Director with CirKidz.

As I said in my previous post, seeing a whole group of people at a conference make room to just ‘play’ (and move other conversation topics to prioritise this) was so refreshing. I noticed a significant change in the connection between participants after this 2 hours of play – a new social-contract between people seemed to emerge.

Here is a copy/paste of Dan’s Open Space offering

Summary of activity

Bombs and Shields: Walk around the room > without telling anyone choose a person who will be your shield > choose another person who will be your bomb > now move around the room keeping your shield directly between you and your bomb in order to stay safe > at the end of the game there is a count down and everyone freezes >identify your bomb and shield by pointing and then sit if you can draw an unprotected straight line to your bomb.

Groups of: A quickly as you can form groups of 3…7…10…2…etc

Back car (see my own detailed description of this game here) :With a partner choose a ‘car’ who will be the front and a ‘driver’ who stands behind the car.  Without talking the driver uses their hands to communicates signals on the back of the car that communicate: forward, turn left, turn right and stop.  When comfortable, add reverse, accelerate, a horn and any other controls you may imagine.  The driver must be clear and the car must only do what is communicated to them even if that means crashing into another car.  Bus addition: Form a single file line and try as a bus with the back person passing the signals through to the front.  Try and sense the group and move as one bus.

One minute circle step in:With no leaders or followers the group must sense when a minute is up and collectively take one step into the centre at the same time.  You must make an eye connection with each member of the circle.

Name, name, name: A circle with one person in the centre.  Their objective is to say someones name three times before they can say their own name once.  The circle folk are the judges.  Now work on rhythm and explore creative strategy.

Group count: Verbally count with each person saying one number whenever they like.  If two people speak at the same time…start again. Ouch.  The object is to find out how many people are in the group.

Swords of paris: Two teams face each other.  One leader steps out from each group.  Group A leader present 4 sword moves so every knows them.  Then the battle starts as the entire group A performs the moves in synch while group B dodges the slashes and pokes with side leans, ducks and jumps.   Then it is Group B’s turn to respond.  Judges may respond with a winner observing accuracy.  Start simple and grow the complexity as far as you like.

It was an energized session.  It was agreed that we should use games and movement exercises to focus, connect, express and play at future ACAPTA and circus community gatherings.

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