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Posted by  GeoffBrown —March 23, 2010
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During a conversation with Viv McWaters today (when we talked about everything from Show Me The Change, to Crumbs and Insanely Great Slideshow Presentations), I remembered the theme I adopted for 2010 that would guide my work which was all about being fear-less. Here’s how this translates for me in terms of tangibles …

  1. Reconnect with old and connect with new networks
  2. Work alone as little as possible … sense opportunities for working with others and make it happen
  3. Talk with more people about ‘stuff’, record it and share it with the world at Winkipod
  4. Read more and share learnings through my blog
  5. Challenge my clients more when I see old patterns of thinking emerge … think ‘Facilitator as Disruptor’
  6. Plan less and prepare more
  7. Start up a local Improv Troupe
  8. Use the gift of Improv at every workshop
  9. Facilitate at least 5 Open Space events this year
  10. Embrace times when I am quiet and jobs get cancelled … use this space to reconnect inwardly and with others


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So far I’m tracking along nicely. I have never felt as inspired in my work. The connections with others have moved me to a new place and I can feel my focus shifting in new directions. Happy to let-go of where I will end up and allow it to emerge.


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