A fresh design for my online spaces

Posted by  admin —June 5, 2009
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I have enjoyed collaborating with designers and a web guru to create a new design for my blog, consulting space and website. More on the design process and people who helped me later.

The Home Page


At it’s core this page is designed to be playful and convey a sense of ‘connectedness’ and integration. Linking people together through ideas is what I do best. This blog post over at NESTA influenced my early thoughts on this page too.

This design is also about ‘keeping our eye on the ball’. The faces are interested in where you are looking.

Meet the Cast – The design has cast of actors with their own little personalities …


Meet Yes!AndSpace – my blog of daily thoughts and learnings


Meet ‘Insanely Great!‘ – my training space


Meet ‘Tangent‘ – my facilitation consulting space


and finally ‘Winki-pod‘ – my podcast blog that I share with Viv McWaters

More on the story behind this site coming soon!


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