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Posted by  admin —October 9, 2008
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It is amazing what generous offers you get from others when you make your own ideas and ‘work’ available for all to see.

Jack Martin Leith, like me, is a blogger and Open Space Practitioner. Jack picked up my post to Twitter about a slideshow I created following a presentation I delivered to the Geelong College teaching community on Monday.

Jack then viewed my slideshow at Slideshare and provided some great feedback … in fact he built on my ideas and now (after reading the links he provided) I understand my initial ideas more deeply than before!

“I have two points to add. (1) Solutions imply problems, in the way that yes implies no and day implies night. It’s not a shift from problems to solutions, but from problem solving to creating what you want – and making what you want not [“not” got omitted from the comment!] your desired future, but your desired present. Of course, the challenge here is to get all the stakeholders to agree what it is that they collectively want. But it can be done – see for example.” JML

Jack has since added my Slideshow to his own blog in the ‘Featured Slideshow’ sidebar and wrote about the slideshow here. Thanks Jack!

So why I am writing about this? Well, for me, this is about ‘feeling connected’ to others. It’s about meaningful relationships that develop with people that you have never met … and sometimes never will. Whatever happens is the only thing … and often that thing is collaboration, coordination and building on each other’s ideas.

Web 2.0 and social media can criticized for it’s negative impacts, however, this world wide social experiment has profound implications for the way in which we do business and interact with each other.

Here’s the slideshow by the way …



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