Space 2.0

Posted by  admin —June 15, 2008
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A client of mine just sent me an email and wrote …

“Some of the research on the history of Bell Post Hill seems to show how important the local churches were for meeting up with people and discussing community issues – we’ve kind of lost that ‘3rd place’ between work and home to catch up with our neighbours I suppose.”

Without thinking too much I replied …

“Maybe we have lost some of those “spaces” … and maybe that’s the space that Web 2.0 is re creating, in an  artificial and somehow very real kind of way!? At the moment not everyone can see the space … some can see it but not gain access to it (like staff at organisations that resist Web 2.0)  … some can gain access but don’t have the bandwidth to talk to everyone. The Church as a community space is a nice metaphor.”

And why are many government agencies & corporates still resisting Web 2.0? Euan’s post “Most companies who try to do Enterprise 2.0 will fail” provides 8 reasons why.


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