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Posted by  admin —June 11, 2008
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There are many examples of “right brain” approaches to inspiring change in others. Whilst the use of visual art in the world of “change & sustainability” has started … I think we need plenty more of it. If you read A Whole New Mind by Dan Pink you’ll see why it should be core business for everyone.

Castlemaine (in Victoria) is a leading community in finding solutions to climate change. The Mount Alexander Sustainability Group is a big part of this change … AND … Castlemaine is blessed with a healthy mix of artists, musicians and authors … all adept at accessing the right side (the creative side) of their brain. Co-incidence or cause?

A good friend of mine, Alison Chiam, discovered her right brain a few years ago and is now an artist. Her art communicates so much more than written words. A plug for Alison’s latest Exhibition (see page 28) and a quote from a press release about the “Gender Agenda” exhibition …

“Our paintings aren’t about conventionally beautiful bodies, they’re more about the beauty in the functionality of our bodies.  We hope that viewers will re-examine their ideas of body image as they look at these paintings.”

‘Gender Agenda’ may be a little confronting and provoke a smile or a giggle. Most importantly Alison (together with Alison Mackay) want to encourage people to talk and think a bit more about their bodies. 

In the same way, art may be a solution to help us examine our lifestyles, our addiction to carbon and obsession with consumerism. I’ll bet that good Art-Work will provoke more examination than ‘expert-presented’ powerpoint slide shows!


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