Offsetting Carbon Emissions

Posted by  admin —June 3, 2008
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In a world where “Green Washing” is common place … here is a ‘legit’ website that takes the pain out of decision making. When you invest to offset carbon, at some stage you have to trust someone’s advice! Knowing some of the people behind the Carbon Offset Guide … I’m willing to base my decisions on their own research.

This site provides solutions for businesses wanting to ‘do the right thing’ and offset their carbon emissions. The Carbon Offset Guide was “developed through a partnership between EPA Victoria and Global Sustainability at RMIT. The Carbon Offset Guide is intended to be a resource for businesses, government agencies, NGO organisations and individuals seeking information about offsets.”

“The aim of the website is to provide an independent directory of Australian carbon offset providers. It is hoped this will improve the understanding of the offset market by Australian businesses, as well as the broader community, and facilitate better environmental and economic outcomes.”

I have done much to reduce my carbon footprint in my business and at home over the past 6 years. It is time to get serious about off setting the emissions that I do produce. Final thing … the best thing you can do is reduce your energy consumption in the first place. Like the Waste Hierarchy , start at the top first … carbon offsetting come later.

Cheers and more on energy efficiency solutions later!


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