Carbon Calculator meets Social Networking

Posted by  admin —June 4, 2008
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Thanks to Matt Moore’s blog discovered a Web 2.0 Social Networking/Travel service called Dopplr.

When you plug in your trips (car, air etc …) it has a cool Carbon Calculator that allows you to keep track of CO2 emissions. Given the social networking aspect of Dopplr, this could be a very useful tool to quickly calculate the CO2 emissions of many travellers. Many conferences now are trying to go Carbon Neutral. If all delegates did the Dopplr thing as a part of their registration process, the possibilities include:

1. A convenient way of linking up delegates who are travelling from similar destinations … facilitates car pooling and ride sharing

2. Would allow conference hosts to quickly calculate the sum CO2 emissions of all delegates … allowing the next step of offsetting easier

Here’s a quote from Dopplr’s About page:

“Dopplr is an online service for intelligent business travellers.¬†Dopplr lets you share your future travel plans privately with friends and colleagues. The service then highlights coincidence, for example, telling you that three people you know will be in Paris when you will be there too. You can use Dopplr on your personal computer and mobile phone. It links with online calendars and social networks.”

Dopplr also has a Blog and (like everyone else) has linked into Twitter. Here is their blog entry about the CO2 calculator.

Just need to work out how to get their widget onto my blog and how to get them to recognise my home town of Aireys Inlet.




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