Do we make a difference?

Posted by  admin —April 25, 2008
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That is a big question for me! In my work as a facilitator and I rarely see concrete example of how my work changes people. Does what I do have an impact? 

In March I spent 4 hours with a group of teachers who shared 1 thing in common … they were all “change agents” for sustainability in their school communities. Simon Groves from the Barwon Regional Waste Management Group (BRWMG) invited me to share some stuff to help these teachers engage with students and colleagues about sustainable practices. 

I found them all to be passionate and fun to work with. One of the participants even created this newsletter- summary of the training:

Created by a participant! 

Upon seeing this newsletter I was really excited … maybe the training I delivered will make a difference!

As for the content of the training, here are some useful links:

1. Leadership with Ben Zander

2. Creating Sticky Messages slides and reference

3. Discussion Method framework and Questions from Dorothy Strachan

4. Solution Focus Slides and the Solution Focus Book (thanks Paul Z Jackson)



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