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Yes!And before Opening Space

Posted by  admin —May 24, 2009
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In keeping with name of my blog, I used a quick Impro activity with a group before Opening Space on the weekend. After re listening to this podcast at the 2008 OSonOS confernece, Chris Corrigan and Viv McWaters (and others) took my own understanding of the OS priniciple “Whatever Happens is the Only Thing that Could Have” to a new level. I have always struggled to articulate the essence of this principle. In the podcast, Viv McWaters explains the importance of using Action Methods to help participants ‘experience’ the principles and not just ‘intellectualize’ them. Viv introduces us to the …

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Amateur vs Professional

Posted by  admin —January 12, 2009
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I love this post by Chris Anderson over at The Long Tail. Who would you choose to read … a passionate amateur or a professional doing his/her thing? Chris says that in a world where we all have equal access to tools of production … “Amateurs self-select for the job. Professionals are selected. For most jobs, volunteers beat draftees.” Chris goes on to say … “To me that’s the difference between amateur and professional content: the first may not be polished, but it’s driven by the sort of intense interest that cannot be faked. The second may be better written, …

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An Open Space ‘Surfing’ Metaphor

Posted by  admin —August 4, 2008
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Over at Winkipod, Harrison Owen launches his new book (at the 2008 OSonOS) and in this Winkipodcast, Harrison explores a metaphor that links surfing at Mavericks … Open Space Technology and Self Organising systems. Given Viv and I named our podcasting blog (Winkipod) after another famous surf break (Winkipop) … it has added significance. Here is Mavericks … where the surfer is not in control of this wave! Here is Harrison Owen’s Mavericks metaphor (from the podcast above) … Mavericks is a world class surf break (with incredible power) that comes into northern California. Surfers show up when Mavericks is “on” and …

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Podcast – Harrison Owen on Open Space

Posted by  admin —July 24, 2008
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Over at my podcast blog Winkipod, I have just posted an inspiring podcast. Viv just recorded Harrison Owen’s book launch speech at the 2008 OSOS Conference happening now in San Francisco, USA. The quality of the sound is poor, however, Harrison’s words are inspiring! Download Harrison Owen’s Book Launch Speech here Listening Tip – if you have control over the Equaliser Levels, reduce the BASS frequencies to a minimum. Cheers Geoff  

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