M*A*S*H* Up with Improv, Scientists & Alan Alda

Posted by  admin —August 28, 2010
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On the eve of a month long trip away, Belina Raffy sent Andy Middleton and I this YouTube video featuring Alan Alda, some scientists and the Centre for Communicating Science – Stony Brook State University (USA).

For anyone who has been involved in workshops where I use Improv games, here’s a video to watch. For those who practice the art of Applied Improv with me, you know who you are … I think you’ll like this video. For me, this inspires me to do more and bring the gift of Improv to lives of more people and groups. Enjoy.

According to the Centre …

“Alda, the longtime host of PBS’ “Scientific American Frontiers” and a passionate advocate for solid popular science, has been leading an innovative effort to help scientists connect better with the public. Through the Center for Communicating Science, Mr. Alda has been teaching science graduate students to play improvisational theater games. The goal is not to turn them into actors, but to free them to talk about their work more spontaneously and directly, and to connect personally with their audience. Early reports from students say the workshops helped them in teaching, defending a thesis, and simply explaining their research to people outside their fields.”


  1. steve ray says:

    Thanks Geoff.. great stuff… I love what it does to us when we get into our bodies… imagine if the politicians started doing some of this improv… Julia and Tony, might start sounding REAL … again? The authentic us so needs this kind of treatment as we are constantly filtering what we say/feel/ etc… the ahs and ems from many of the pollies for example feel like they are all about self-censoring… on the other hand, there is nothing more engaging than someone prepared to open their heart to you!

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  4. Anna Marie says:

    Great presentation I would say. It is very true that as human we should be aware of our own body. We should also be observant with others. Learn to be imaginative because things starts there. Work with your inner core. Wow..Amazing..Thank you for helping me realize this.

    Anna Marie

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