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Posted by  admin —May 31, 2009
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Here’s some blog posts that stood out for me …

1. The World Wide Web in Plain English – another simple and elegant video from Lee and Sachi at Commoncraft

2. 37 Days – A reminder to anyone looking for a simply great person to follow and read. Patti Digh’s work at 37  Days and in her consulting practice is inspirational

3. Dave Snowden’s latest post on Complex Adaptive Systems and where our current mindset and culture needs to shift!

4. And from the comments in Dave’s post above comes this great video at TED (which is a call for practical wisdom in the face of a society in the thrall of rules and incentives.) …

5. Dan Roam finds this great visual explanation of the current World Financial crisis.

6. Dave Pollard presents A Practical Guide to Implementing Web 2.0 in your Organisation – thanks Dave as this may just help out many of my clients who are interested in getting Web 2.0-Smart and not sure where to start!

7. Read this if you want to see what email would look like if it were invented today … enter Google Wave

8. Euan Semple writes a post called Forget Social Media – I am not sure ‘exactly’ what Euan does in his job, but what he gets paid to do sounds very familiar to what I do … although Euan describes it better than I ever could …

“I reckon what I get paid for is to enthuse people. Not about any particular direction to move in, nor even about any particular philosophy to adopt. What I enthuse them about is an enhanced ability to work out what they think and then communicate what they think to, and with, others. I don’t care about business, and I don’t care about business effectiveness. I care about people and their ability to be the best they can be both individually and collectively. If this makes businesses better and more effective then so be it.”

9. Ignite Ideas and share what’s happening in your community – I really like this concept and would love to get involved in running these in the Surf Coast region … who want to join me?

10. My friend Johnnie Moore has 2 great posts that capture many of the things I have been thinking about when facilitating lately.

#1 The pitfalls of buy-in and action planning

“Trying to get them to agree a list of joint actions feels like an avoidance of a more interesting truth: the actions that will emerge from such a group will almost certainly NOT be agreeable, acceptable or even remotely interesting to all. Let´s not force people to sit through a pantomine at the end of an otherwise engaging meeting so that some can maintain an illusion that this diverse group can be ordered and controlled.”

#2 We complete each other

“Conventional wisdom says that to be successful, an idea must be concrete, complete, and certain. But what if that’s wrong? What if the most elegant, most imaginative, most engaging ideas are none of those things?” Matthew May



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