NESTA meets Clay Shirky

Posted by  admin —March 2, 2009
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Here’s an overlap of pictures from 2 of my favourite sources AND they come together in the NGO space – which I find myself working in at the moment with one of Australia’s leading NGO’s.

Source 1NESTA Connect wrote this piece which has shaped my thinking about the importance of conversations leading to relationships and then real-world transactions. Their diagrams of the different types of people/group networks made great sense also.

Source 2 Clay Shirky’s ideas

Net-Map have embedded a 5 minute interview with Clay Shirky and they discuss the role of NGO’s in mobilsing and using their networks. Net-Map sourced the video from the Social Reporter blog where they talk more about the implications for NGO’s. Here’s the picture drawn to summarise the different networks …

Notice the similarities in the 2 pictures … essentially the same.

The NESTA post also talks about the importance of Conversations first, then relationships, then transactions

“There is a sequence of activities that occur in networks that can seldom be bypassed. Namely you start with lots of conversations, some of which will lead to a smaller number of some kind of relationships. Eventually, and almost certainly long after the first time people met, some transactions may follow that create value, be it commercial or social.” NESTA

And here’s Clay Shirky …


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