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Posted by  admin —November 20, 2008
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I had a quick scan of other blog that I read and here are the highlights:

1. This short post from Chirs Corrigan (via Clark Williams-Derry)

Some useful observaions about the current financial crises:

1. Unlikely events are common

2. Markets don’t know much

3. Unsustainable things stop

I especially like the last one.  It doesn’t really matter if people believe things are unsustainable or not.  If something is unsustainable it will stop, and that’s that.

2. This great slideshow on Slideshare from Viv McWaters – what a great way to present evaluation findings!

3. From Garr Reynolds a great post on why play is good for you &

A video of Seth Godin talking about his new book Tribes … much in this for anyone interested in Leadership and building stronger communities

4. Johnnie Moore makes some insightful comments about Mark Earls’ latest writings on How Stuff Spreads. Here’s a snapshot …

“Pull not push: stop thinking about marketing as something you do to people and start thinking about what you can do to help the natural pull mechanism work better. Tactics include visibility, participation, and so on.

Understand the tides and landscape through which pull is operating before you decide on what you’re going to do.

Light lots of fires: cascades built on copying introduce an element of unpredictability. So best to reduce risk by lighting lots of fires and seeing which one(s) take(s).”

5. Thanks to Lee and Sachi at Commoncraft I think I’ll give Windows Live a try. Watch and learn …

6. Nancy White on Twitter and being Cool and this great video!

7. I like this cartoon from Hugh



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