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A turning point in my life

Recently, I have had many requests for copies of the Castlemaine 500 Report – a report that I co-authored in relation to a community scale sustainability project that ran a few years ago in Castlemaine. You can read more about the project here. Why was this project a turning point in my life? Here a just a few reasons … The failures of our efforts to bring about change (i.e. sustained reduction of household energy use) were confronting. I was lucky to have a client (thanks Bron) and a team (you know who you are) willing to go on a …

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2 great questions

Posted by  admin —June 29, 2010
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Here’s a 1 minute video featuring Jack Thompson. He has been asked the simple question, “What is your happiest moment?”. I really enjoyed his response – HT to Katie at Get Shouty for this “The future I might aspire to – the past I remember with pleasure … life’s crowning glory is the here and now” In this longer video, Chip Conley shares his story … when the dotcom bubble burst, Chip went in search of a business model based on happiness. In an old friendship with an employee and in the wisdom of a Buddhist king, he learned that …

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The many and varied ways to communicate story

I have taken a few minutes away from a piece of work I am doing for the Show Me The Change (SMTC) conference which happened in Melbourne recently.That piece of work in progress is called “The Story of Show Me The Change” can be seen here. One my roles in the SMTC design and facilitation team has been to communicate stories. We have created slideshows, written blog posts and utilised the Twitter-sphere. All the while, keeping focused on a few operating principles like these: If you are not having a conversation or telling a story … then you are not …

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Agile Planning & observations of a facilitator

Neil Perkin penned this terrific post Agile Planning. Image Source This post resonated loudly with me because of the recent work I have been doing as a facilitator with Government agencies. Also, the upcoming Show Me The Change conference in Melbourne this May is also linked. Here’s a snapshot of Neil’s Agile post: We are all bombarded by change and it’s accelerating (and will not slow down) … the enterprise of the future will be hungry for change … but our current business/government are stuck in linear systems that are slow, top-down & inflexible … “Our structures need to be …

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So … are you in?

Posted by  admin —October 15, 2009
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Some of friends over at Envrionment Victoria have set themselves a big, hairy & audacious goal … “We are mobilising 5 million people to take Green Action” Environment Victoria Another example of how to ‘incite a movement’ and connect people. Again, the use of ‘social media’ is at the center here.  Here’s their video to help promote the cause … Are You In? from Vicki Kyriakakis on Vimeo. I’m in … how about you? Geoff

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