Client Testimonials

“Geoff ran an Open Space process for Flashpoint – the Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Association and did a really fantastic job. An inspiring person to work with on all levels.” Sue Broadway – Moomba Parade Director at City of Melbourne.


“Geoff is an excellent facilitator. He is highly creative and innovative in his approach to the design and facilitation of processes to explore solutions to complex issues. Geoff has worked closely with us to ensure that workshop designs and training activities meet our needs. He uses a wide range of techniques to ensure that everyone is heard, that all aspects of an issue are considered and that workshop reach a clear resolution. He stays informed about trends in ideas and creative thinking. I recommend Geoff highly for those seeking facilitation or workshop design skills.” Professor Rod Keenan – Director, Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research & Department of Forest & Ecosystem Science (Melbourne University)


Kind words from colleagues

“I’ve known Geoff as a friend and colleague for several years. The guy is brilliant to work with: boundless enthusiasm and curiosity, lots of experience and a real passion for the work. More than any facilitator I know, Geoff really supports the process of harvest – helping make sure that all the ideas and effort generated in a process are recorded appropriately and creatively. I’d jump at any chance to work with him again.” Johnnie MooreFacilitator & Executive Coach.


“It was a real joy to work with Geoff on a client event. His relaxed style and enthusiasm enabled the group to work really well together. Although we have known each other for some time online it is testimony to Geoff’s abilities that we could work at this level having only “met” for the first time the day before!” Euan SempleStoryteller & helping people to understand the web.


“One of the things I love about my mate Geoff Brown who lives in the lovely Airey’s Inlet, Australia, is his incredible willingness to be playful and creative in his facilitation work and especially in his harvesting work.  He is one of the few that gets how important the harvest is – at least as important as the hosting.  In this great post, Geoff shares his recent experience with Open Space and with a fantastic harvest that captures that creative brilliance of the group he was working with: The day after Open Space.” Chris Corrigan – Process Artist, Teacher and Facilitator.