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A message to Paul Z Jackson at Solutions Focus

Posted by  admin —August 22, 2008
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Thanks to Paul Z Jackson at Solutions Focus, my approach to workshop facilitation has changed (and I think improved) throughout 2008. I have read his book and attended Solutions Focus training in Melbourne this year (thanks to Andrew Rixon for bringing it together). I wrote a post called ‘Which Conversation Do You Choose” about my observations of groups who take a solutions focused view in a workshop. Here is the picture to capture the essence of this observation … Here is a message I sent to Paul Jackson, reflecting on solutions focus and my work … Hi Paul. How are …

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Which Conversation do you choose?

Posted by  admin —June 19, 2008
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I have facilitated 6 workshops since returning from Byron Bay. 5 moved forward to a place of possibility … 1 ended up where it started. Why?  5 focused on solutions not problems … participants expressed things visually rather than using language … conversations were about the future and didn’t dwell on the past 1 chose to tackle the problems … participants got stuck with words and sentences … the future was took hard to see through all the problems … it felt downward spiraling This picture sums it up for me … Geoff 

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