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Making your message Stick and Slip

Posted by  admin —October 11, 2010
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I am currently researching and creating a Slideshow for a client on the topic of ‘Obesity’ – the same thing that Jamie Oliver rants about here and the same things that Nicholas Christakis discusses here at TED (which is a great video as her asserts the notion that Obesity is contagious and spreads through social networks!). As an aside … as I bookmark ‘obesity-related’ websites on Delicious here, I am again thinking about how much has changed since I was researching topics at Uni 20 years ago! The most graphic things I have come across (so far) are 2 videos …

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The Girl Effect

Posted by  admin —December 9, 2008
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Hat Tip to Garr Reynolds for this one … The Girl Effect website is all about a ‘movement’ on the rise. It starts with the premise that adolescent girls living in the developing world, if given the chance to participate in their own community, can make a difference … collectively (that’s many millions!) they can change the course of humanity. They have developed this wonderfully simple video to communicate their message. Best to watch it at their website here. Here’s the embedded version … Ok, so what? Here’s some questions that sprang to my mind … What if we used …

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