Geoff Brown

“Most social change initiates or is shaped by a single, traceable conversation.” Margaret Wheatley (2002)

I am passionate about designing and facilitating conversations where something different has a chance to emerge. I help leaders to challenge established patterns of thinking by asking new questions and seeing systems through multiple perspectives. I am known for the partnerships I have formed with diverse alliances of stakeholders, supporting their leaders to rediscover purpose and rekindle the energy needed to tackle their most complex problems.

“I love my work most when the unexpected emerges, when sinking into our senses in the moment reveals possible ways forward.”

Core Offerings

There are many ways we can work together. Three ways we can work together. Read more about my service offerings here.

In-person & virtual meetings

I specialise in the design and facilitation of workshops, roundtables and conferences – for groups large and small.

Stakeholder engagements

Beyond one-off events, I am skilled in the art of complex, multi-stakeholder engagements for strategic decision-making, planning and governance.

Team and organisational training

I design spaces where leaders and teams learn to think and act anew and become more capable of dealing with complexity.

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