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Clay Shirky on Collaboration

Posted by  admin —June 28, 2009
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I am on a Melbourne bound train and just watched another TED presentation – seems to be my favorite commuter activity these days 🙂 In this TEDcast, Clay Shirky (author of Here Comes Everybody) reinforces my belief that we are living through a revolution in the way people interact and collaborate with each other. I’d love to hear what Clay has to say about the impact that Twitterers within Iran are having right now. Like in his original TED talk, new social media is changing the media landscape and giving the man/woman/child on the street a voice to the world …

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Twitter unpacked by Commoncraft

Posted by  admin —June 16, 2009
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This post is for all those people who have heard me talk about the benefits of Twitter lately. Lee and Sachi at Commoncraft have created another great video that captures the potential ‘power’ of Twitter to bring people together around topics that they are passionate about. When you make it easier for people to connect and communicate … great things can happen. Enjoy! And here’s a few interesting articles about Twitter … and yes, I picked these up directly from Twitter: Tweet Dreams are made of this How Twitter, CellPhones and Facebook can make history – TED Video of Clay …

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Expect the unexpected – A Twitter Story

Posted by  admin —March 10, 2009
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I just watched this TED presentation by co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams. His final statement, for me, sums up the new world of business thinking. In this new world, business leaders are learning to ‘let-go’ of control and view consumers as not only users, but as ‘shapers’ and co-developers’ of new ideas and services/products. “I have no idea what will happen next with Twitter … but I’ve learned to follow the hunch and never assume where it will go.” Evan Williams. 2009 TED Conference. Evan also said … “It seems like when you give people easier ways to share information …

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Reflections post fire event & Twitter

Posted by  admin —February 12, 2009
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It appears that the recent loss of life, home and community by devastating fires in Victoria has resonated around the world’s media. The images are horrific and the stories of loss and grief are almost unbearable. One person on talkback radio said … “This is the sort of thing you only see happening on the other side of the world, and usually in developing countries”. I am only 1 step removed from many people who have lost everything. My love and support goes to all of them. One such person rang radio today and said, “please don’t label us as …

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