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“There’s free stuff everywhere”

Posted by  admin —March 19, 2009
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As I continue to read Everything’s An Offer by Rob Poynton, light bulbs keep going off for me. I’m quite new to Improvisation – although, like all of us we improvise all of the time without knowing it. In the 90’s I used to watch a street act known as The 3 Canadians and I would marvel at their genius. These 3 guys could work a crowd of a dozen and incite a movement of hundreds who felt like they were participating in the performance. I always wondered how these 3 comedians created ‘so much’ from ‘so little’. Few props, …

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Accepting Offers in Action: Playful analysis of myself on video

Posted by  admin —March 17, 2009
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I am reading Robert Poynton‘s book Everything’s An Offer (How to do more with less) and some things happened on the weekend that I have to write about. By the way, even though this post refers to Improvisational Theatre … people working in the traditional domains of leadership, teamwork, strategy and business can learn a lot from Rob’s book (and this post). Part 2 of Rob’s book is titled ‘Let go, Notice More, Use Everything’ – which is also the heart of Improvisational Practice. I have some video of myself and 2 other musicians literally ‘improvising’ at the Aireys Inlet …

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