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An Open Space ‘Surfing’ Metaphor

Posted by  admin —August 4, 2008
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Over at Winkipod, Harrison Owen launches his new book (at the 2008 OSonOS) and in this Winkipodcast, Harrison explores a metaphor that links surfing at Mavericks … Open Space Technology and Self Organising systems. Given Viv and I named our podcasting blog (Winkipod) after another famous surf break (Winkipop) … it has added significance. Here is Mavericks … where the surfer is not in control of this wave! Here is Harrison Owen’s Mavericks metaphor (from the podcast above) … Mavericks is a world class surf break (with incredible power) that comes into northern California. Surfers show up when Mavericks is “on” and …

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