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4 weeks of practice

Posted by  GeoffBrown —April 14, 2011
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Home at last! It’s been a hectic 6 weeks. I have facilitated many workshops, hosted conversations, travelled many miles and, as always, improvised along the way. Most of the workshops have been with 1 organisation and they involved an engagement process with community. The standout from this process was the teamwork and willingness to genuinely engage and learn – as often a sole facilitator comes in, performs and then leaves. Staff from across the organization have contributed their time, passion and stories. The month long process has been a learning journey for all involved. Many staff have had opportunities to …

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Story of your name & our natural game

Here is a gift from my beautiful neighbours. They lovingly created a 40th birthday message across our front doors at home. I felt honoured (and a little emotional) when I arrived home to see this after a birthday weekend away with family. And YES, I have just turned 40 … and YES, 1 of my nick-names is “TEDDY”. ‘Story of Name’ as a group process ‘Teddy’ is a nick-name that came from an spare-class that my dad took when in year 9 at High School. Somehow, he let slip that I still slept with a teddy (and yes I admit …

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My wife is now blogging!

Posted by  GeoffBrown —March 6, 2011
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Given the volume of tweets that I share with the world that are about growing, harvesting, preparing and eating food, is it any surprise that we have set up a blog called Home Harvesting? But one day … Ingrid turned to me and said something that resonated instantly in both of us … and of course I tweeted it … This summer has produced a bountiful harvest at home. We have struggled to keep up with the fruit, vegetables and eggs we have produced. For the first time, nothing has gone to waste – we have harvested, prepared, consumed (and …

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Ending 2010 with an inspired harvest

Posted by  GeoffBrown —December 23, 2010
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One word that sums up 2010 for me is … This year I have designed and delivered training and events with talented and gifted people like  Chris Corrigan, Johnnie Moore, Viv McWaters and Anne Pattillo – and collectively we are known as ‘The Slips’ (see Simon Kneebone’s cartoon of us below). And others including Euan Semple and David Gurteen. I have learned so much from each of these people, both in working alongside them and reading their blogs. Bring on more of this in 2011. Another significant word I associate with 2010 is … I harvested beautiful fruit and veg from my home garden this year …

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Body Integration

Posted by  GeoffBrown —December 13, 2010
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I am a bit slow off the mark with this year’s Reverb – Reflect on this year and manifest what’s next! Reverb is a daily blog post based on an offer from the folks at Reverb. Here is today’s challenge … ‘December 12 – Body Integration This year, when did you feel the most integrated with your body? Did you have a moment where there wasn’t mind and body, but simply a cohesive YOU, alive and present? (Author: Patrick Reynolds)” That moment came for me on Day 4 of a facilitation gig I did in Sydney with the folks from …

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