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Posted by  GeoffBrown —June 4, 2010
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I have seen links to this 8 minutes of animation way too many times on Twitter and other’s blogs to ignore … so it gets a run on my space as well! Show it to your kids and have a chat about what they see happening here.

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Core Purpose

Posted by  GeoffBrown —June 3, 2010
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I love Hugh McLeod’s latest cartoon. It reminds of a conversation I had with Chris Corrigan who asked me to draw a tree. So here’s Hugh’s version of a tree … showing the purpose at the middle and the layers that emerge and build on the layer before it.

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The many and varied ways to communicate story

I have taken a few minutes away from a piece of work I am doing for the Show Me The Change (SMTC) conference which happened in Melbourne recently.That piece of work in progress is called “The Story of Show Me The Change” can be seen here. One my roles in the SMTC design and facilitation team has been to communicate stories. We have created slideshows, written blog posts and utilised the Twitter-sphere. All the while, keeping focused on a few operating principles like these: If you are not having a conversation or telling a story … then you are not …

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My 201st post!

Posted by  GeoffBrown —May 26, 2010
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Just realised I have passed my double century of blog posts! Here’s my 201st post featuring 3 cartoons that happen to be sitting side by side on my desktop. These cartoons are also very linked by the people around them and concepts they explore. The first features “The Slips” (and that’s me in 3rd slip). The Slips is an international consortium of blogger and facilitators. Many of my 200 posts have featured links back to the blogs of Anne Patillio (wicket keeper), Viv McWaters (1st slip), Johnnie Moore (2nd slip) and Chris Corrigan (4th slip). Thanks to Simon Kneebone for …

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Scan of other blogs

Posted by  GeoffBrown —May 24, 2010
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Here’s some very cool stuff that caught my eye in the past week … Love this over at Nancy White’s blog on Acceptance in the Flow of Facilitation Viv McWaters on Different Ways of Working Garr Reynolds on We Are The Stories We Tell Sound advice from Euan Semple on adoption of social media … 1 at a time please Toxic conversations over at Andy Middleton’s blog … which also features Euan Semple and 1 more over at Nancy’s blog … Cognitive Bias video in the form of a song (via another person I know … Irene Guijt) … and …

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