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In the Zone

Posted by  admin —April 10, 2008
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Here is  was an entertaining example of the extraordinary things that people can do when they “let it happen”. The video has been pulled off YouTube by the “user” 🙁 sorry to all those you did not get to see it! The key thing that separates these guys from average footballers (who have had just as much practice) is their state of mind. Their ability to turn down the noise of the Ego (or “Self 1” as Timothy Gallway calls it in Inner Tennis) … be completely present and focus only on the ball … and let the years of practice …

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Dinner with Dave Pollard & Viv McWaters

Posted by  admin —April 9, 2008
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So what do 3 Bloggers (Me, Viv & Dave) talk about in a great space over dinner? Lot’s of stuff … some about problems … mostly about solutions. Thanks for a great meal Viv (& Pete)! In reading Dan Roam’s book The Back of the Napkin I am inspired to communicate with pictures more! Here’s Dan’s elevator pitch on communcating with pictures … “Visual thinking means taking advantage of our innate ability to see – both with our eyes and our mind’s eye – in order to discover ideas that are otherwise invisible, develop those ideas quickly and intuitively, and then …

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What SPACE are you in right now?

Posted by  admin —April 8, 2008
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What interests me is the SPACE that you’re in right now … the SPACE you stumble upon tomorrow … future SPACES that we co-create to build relationships between people and to bring about change.  I’ll be exploring all sorts of spaces (both physical and metaphorical) on this Yes!And Journey. When I look back at the key turning points in my life … when transformative change happened … the SPACE I was in always played a lead role. As a dinner date with Vic McWaters and Dave Pollard draws closer, let me share some of my favorite spaces with you. These are …

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In compiling Yes!And Thinkers

Posted by  admin —April 7, 2008
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Something just struck me as I compiled a list of Yes!And Thinkers to my blog. Collectively these bloggers, from all parts of the globe, have shaped my current thinking and are the reason why my Amazon budget has tripled this year! Dave Pollard’s post Dave Pursues His Passion helped me to find the purpose of this blog. “What’s Needed” in a complex world where change is random … where links between cause and effect are unpredictable? I think we need to pay more attention to stuff that works. Most of my clients are too busy to notice these things. The “random acts …

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Posted by  admin —April 7, 2008
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Hi there and welcome to my Yes!AndSpace. In this blog we can explore stuff that works … solutions rather than problems, in areas that excite me such as sustainability, facilitation, creativity and working with people. To answer the “Why create this blog” question, here is my compact Yes!AndSpace story.            | View | Upload your own **BTW Guy Kawasaki’s Forward in the great book Presentation Zen inspired my story and the use of Slideshare. I live in Aireys Inlet, a wee coastal town in Victoria, Australia. I have a beautiful wife and 3 boys aged between 7 months and 5 …

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