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Word Cloud of Ideas

Posted by  admin —November 2, 2010
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As I re-design a 5 day community leadership program, a whole bunch of little statements and slogans ended up on my mind-map – some are just ideas and others are borrowed from others. See the Wordle-Cloud below. A few things I know about this program … Improv games and principles will feature prominently – play, then sense and apply Participants will learn (very early on) to take the lead on hosting conversations and create inviting questions Everyone will be connected online and conversations will happen between the weekly gatherings Past participants will connect with new – the conditions for a …

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What’s so scary?

Posted by  admin —October 29, 2010
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The most common conversation I hear my clients having is about ‘Social Media’ … facebook, twitter, wikis, blogs etc.┬áThis is in the context of Knowledge Management, project management, internal communications and stakeholder engagement. Often I hear the tension between controlling it and letting it go – do the latter as it’s not that scary! Earlier this year, Euan Semple and I co-facilitated a day of social media conversations with a few of my clients. We had a ball and our parting words were … “let’s do that again sometime”. Well, that’s probably not going to happen in Melbourne for a …

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Conversation leads to flow & creativity

Posted by  admin —October 22, 2010
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Here is my latest addition to the world of online slideshows. I had the opportunity on Wednesday night to chat with a mixture of people from the Melbourne KMLF network and the RSA (Australia/NZ) Fellowship. They gathered for a Knowledge Cafe with David Gurteen – who is on a whirlwind tour of South East Asia, Australia and NZ at the moment. Now … I often take pot-shots at the ‘keynote-presenter’ model, but I must admit it was nice to leave to facilitation to David and have 15 minutes to talk about the world as I see it. I also learnt …

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Making your message Stick and Slip

Posted by  admin —October 11, 2010
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I am currently researching and creating a Slideshow for a client on the topic of ‘Obesity’ – the same thing that Jamie Oliver rants about here and the same things that Nicholas Christakis discusses here at TED (which is a great video as her asserts the notion that Obesity is contagious and spreads through social networks!). As an aside … as I bookmark ‘obesity-related’ websites on Delicious here, I am again thinking about how much has changed since I was researching topics at Uni 20 years ago! The most graphic things I have come across (so far) are 2 videos …

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Turning 40 next year … and feeling it!

Posted by  admin —October 6, 2010
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This cartoon by Hugh McLeod struck a poignant┬áchord with me this morning. Just replace the word ‘fat’ with ‘injured’! Last week I have some cartilage scraped from my right knee and it’s amazing how many fellas around me at 40 have had this done. Currently taking it easy and doing lots of gentle rehab at home. Due to the months of limping, my left knee and lower back are starting to play up too. Most say to me, “It’s just old age Geoff!”. Enter I’m an optimist and I know I’ll be fitter and stronger than ever. I’ll no longer …

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