Ticket to Nowhere …

Posted by  GeoffBrown —May 6, 2012
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… the middle of nowhere!

After months of watching 2nd hand camper trailers come and go, today we stumbled upon this off-road camper. These things are basically a canvas tent mounted on a 6 x 4 trailer with a few bells & whistles, but they do go almost anywhere.

As parents, we want our kids to remember the adventures we shared … the remote places we witnessed … the people whose stories we got to know. We want their learning and education to be real and tangible, where they get to touch, smell and feel the things that fill text books and websites. We already know that our kids are at their happiest when camping … when occasionally they go to bed feeling grubby with the sand still between their toes. They never miss their iPod touch games, tv shows and they never say the words … “Daaad, Muuum, I’m bored!” (Maybe, instead, we hear them say from the back seat … “Daad, are we there yet?!”)

This one was well loved by it’s last owner and he added some nifty improvements such as a full solar-rechargable battery kit. You can camp off-the-grid for over a week. And with a kitchen set up like this, eat like a king along the way …

I know that many future blog posts will be written from our off-road camper home.


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